Coaching is a consulting format which aims at the development and realisation of goals and (leading)competences. Self-exploration and new orientation in life and personality are enlivened for a shift from everyday reactivity to effective strategies of action.


Social science has been my core field of work for many years. The support by an independent person in accordance with your goals has proven to be helpful for all status groups.

I support students and Ph.D. students in balancing their various roles, relations ships and institutional demands. I also accompany in times of orientation, transition or exam.


At present, key competences are of great importance in nearly every area of work. In the context of either individual coaching meetings or small group meetings I offer the practising of communication, self-presentation, and coping strategies for stress and self care.





Growing, joy is the core of our being. To come back to who we really are we meet our higher qualitis deep inside, embrace pain and resistance an free our heart. I invite you to follow a path to come back to your true home!